Our highly experienced team of estimators, detailers and assemblers look forward to assisting you with all your frame, truss, structural timber & decking needs.

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Hi Tech Frame & Truss uses Pryda computer programs developed by Pryda Australia to individually design and engineer our frames. We use only quality products to manufacture prefabricated frames to comply with good building practice as required by the Building Code of Australia.

Our frames are made predominately from treated pine, but can also be manufactured using untreated pine or hardwood depending on the individual needs of our clients. We use only the best quality Pryda engineered metal fastening systems.

If prefabricated frames do not suit your project we can also supply framing cut to plan and supplied in loose packs for construction on site.

All Hi Tech Frames are certified and clients are issued with a Pre-Nail Certificate.


Like our frames all Hi Tech Frame & Truss prefabricated trusses are designed and engineered using Pryda computer programs. Hi Tech Trusses are designed by our highly experienced estimators and detailers and can be manufactured for any design ranging from flat roofs to hexagons. We will work closely with you and your architects and engineers to achieve the best outcomes for your project.

Our trusses are made predominately with pine, either treated or untreated and we can also use hardwood depending on client specifications. We use only the best quality Pryda engineered metal fastening systems to ensure structural integrity is maintained.

All Hi Tech Trusses are certified and clients are issued with a Certification for Roof Trusses. All trusses we manufacture are made to meet relevant Australian Standards.

Flooring Systems

Our Estimators and Detailers use quality software programs to design engineered flooring systems to suit your individual needs. We use engineered products such as Smartjoists, I-Beams and LVL We can supply you with your flooring needs including bearers and joists, sheet flooring and flooring adhesive to complete your job.

Timber Decking


Outdoor living is a way of life and we can help you get that perfect deck or pergola to compliment your house or building. Whether it is a stand-alone project or part of your house construction we can help you design and also supply you with top quality products for that perfect finish. Our competitive pricing on products such as merbau, treated pine and hardware are just the start.

With the ever increasing awareness of our impact on the environment, we are proud to be suppliers of environmental decking and screening. With long wearing and environmentally sustainable products such as Modwood, we can offer you an alternative to traditional timber decking.

Timber Products

Not only do we supply prefabricated frames and trusses we can also supply you with your timber needs such as:

  • Pine – Treated and untreated
  • Hardwood
  • Posts – Pine, GL8 primed, merbau, hardwood
  • LVL Beams – Treated and untreated
  • Floor joists – treated and untreated
  • Bearers – treated and untreated
  • Fascia – treated and untreated
  • Valley boards
  • Brace ply
  • Sheet flooring – treated and untreated
  • Decking – treated pine, merbau, hardwood
  • Environmental decking and screening
  • External Cladding

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